5D4N Dynamic Kunming Tour

Kunming, Yunnan Province, China


Kūnmíng (昆明) has long been regarded as one of China’s most liveable cities. Known as the \'Spring City\' for its equable climate, it remains a very pleasant place to kick back for a few days. For visitors who haven\'t succumbed to the laid-back attitude displayed by the locals, there are plenty of temples and national parks nearby (including the legendary Stone Forest) to keep you busy. Of course, like other Chinese cities, the face of Kūnmíng is constantly changing and most old neighborhoods have been torn down to make way for shopping malls. And the traffic jams that were unknown a few years ago, are now a regular occurrence. Yet, the essentially easy-going nature of Kūnmíng is, thankfully, still the same.

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